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What is an Unseen Hero?

ADVANCE Expert Pet Nutrition is developed by many Unseen Heroes across Australian farms, factories, labs and stores. Before ADVANCE pet food gets to the shelves at Petbarn, our farmers harvest the finest ingredients from across Australia that then go to our scientists, who develop specially formulated pet food tailored to the wellbeing of Aussie pets. Then it’s onto the experts at Petbarn who provide the best service every time. These are our Unseen Heroes.

How to enter:

1. Spend at least $50 on ADVANCE Expert Pet Nutrition at Petbarn In-Store or Online. Use your nominated email or phone number at checkout.
2. Nominate an Unseen Hero in your life using the form below before the 30th April 2024 to win your share in the $50,000 from ADVANCE and Petbarn.

See full terms & conditions here.